The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Jackson's Command

Ewell's Division

Major General Richard S. Ewell


Jackson moved his command from the Department of the Valley to reinforce Lee at Richmond in June.
From this point the command was operationally part of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Fourth (Elzey's) Brigade

Brig. Gen. Jubal Early (from 7/1)

12th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Captain James G. Rodgers


13th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel James A. Walker .


25th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Patrick B. Duffy


31st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John S. Hoffman .


44th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major Cobb .


49th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William Smith

from Featherston's Brig., D.H. Hill's Div.

52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel James H. Skinner .


58th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Samuel H. Letcher


Seventh (Trimble's) Brigade

Brig. Gen. Isaac Trimble

15th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel James Cantey


21st Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John T. Mercer


16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Carnot Posey

to Featherston's Brig., Longstreet's Div.

21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel William W. Kirkland


1st North Carolina Sharpshooters

Major Rufus W. Wharton


Eighth (Taylor's) Brigade

Colonel Leroy A. Stafford

Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays (from 7/27*)

5th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Theodore Hunt (res. 7/31)

Colonel Henry Forno

from Semmes' Brigade 7/26*

6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry B. Strong


7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Harry T. Hays (^ 7/27)

Lt. Colonel Davidson B. Penn


8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry B. Kelly


9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Leroy A. Stafford

to Starke's Brig., A.P. Hill's Div., 7/26*

14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Richard W. Jones

from Pryor's Brig., Longstreet's Div. 7/26*

Girardy's Battery

Captain Girardy

from Pryor's Brig. 7/26*

Maryland Line

Colonel Bradley T. Johnston

1st Maryland Infantry Regiment

Colonel Bradley T. Johnston


1st Maryland Cavalry, Co. I



Baltimore Maryland Artillery

Captain John B. Brockenbrough



Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield

Courtney's (Virginia) Battery

Captain Captain A. R. Courtney


Lusk's (Virginia) Battery

Captain John A. M. Lusk


Lee (Virginia) Artillery

Captain Charles I. Raine.


Rice's (Virginia) Artillery

Captain William H. Rice


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