The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

Longstreet's Command

Major General James Longstreet


Confederate law did not yet authorize Army Corps, so Longstreet as senior division commander was given informal command of a wing of the army. His division of six brigades was divided into two temporary divisions under senior brigadiers Jones and Kemper. Hood continued as senior brigadier to command the division of Whiting, who was on sick leave, while Brigadier General Charles Evans' newly-arrived brigade of South Carolinians reported directly to Longstreet.

Anderson's Division

Major General Richard H. Anderson

Armistead's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead


Mahone's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William Mahone (w 8/30)

Colonel David Weisiger


Wright's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright


Hood's (Whiting's) Division

Brigadier General John B. Hood

from Jackson's command

Hood's Brigade

Bde. Gen. John B. Hood


Whiting's Brigade

Colonel Evander M. Law


Jones' Division

Brigadier General David R. Jones

Drayton's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Thomas F. Drayton

from South Carolina 8/20

Jones' Brigade

Colonel George T. Anderson


Toombs' Brigade

Colonel Henry L. Benning

Bde. Gen. Robert A. Toombs


Kemper's Division

Brigadier General James L. Kemper

from Longstreet's Div.; to Jones' Div.

Jenkin's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Micah Jenkins (w 8/30)

Colonel Joseph Walker


Kemper's Brigade

Colonel Montgomery D. Corse (w 8/30)

Colonel William Terry


Pickett's Brigade

Colonel Eppa Hunton


Wilcox's Division

Brigadier General Cadmus M. Wilcox

from Longstreet's Div.; to Anderson's Div.

Featherston's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston


Pryor's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Roger A. Pryor


Wilcox's Brigade

Brigadier General Cadmus M. Wilcox


Evan's Independent Brigade

Brigadier General Nathan G. Evans

Colonel Peter F. Stevens

from South Carolina 8/20

17th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel John H. Means (k 8/30)

Lt. Colonel Fitzhugh W. McMaster


18th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel James M Gadberry (k 8/30)

Lt. Colonel William H. Wallace


22nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel S. D. Goodlett

Lt. Colonel Thomas C. Watkins


23rd South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry L. Benbow (w 8/30)

Lt. Colonel Roberts (w 8/30)

Major Whilden (k 8/30)

Captain Murden (w&c 8/30)

Captain S. A. Durham


Holcombe (S.C.) Legion

Colonel Peter F. Stevens (^ 8/30)

Lt. Colonel F. G. Palmer (w 8/30)

Major William J. Crowley


Macbeth (S.C.) Artillery

Captain Robert Boyce


Leake's (Va.) Battery

Captain Leake


Reserve Artillery

Colonel James B. Walton

Lee's Battalion

Major Delaware Kemper (to 8/17)

Colonel Stephen D. Lee (from 8/17)


Washington (La.) Artillery

Colonel John B. Walton


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