The Civil War in the East

CSA Flag C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Longstreet's Command

Hood's Division

Brigadier General John B. Hood


Brigadier General Hood commanded the small division while Major General William H.C. Whiting was on medical leave

Hood's Brigade

Colonel William T. Wofford

18th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Solon Z. Ruff


Hampton (S.C.) Legion

Lt. Colonel Matin W. Gary


1st Texas Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Philip A. Work


4th Texas Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Benjamin F. Carter


5th Texas Infantry Regiment

Colonel Jerome B. Robinson


Law's Brigade

Colonel Evander M. Law

4th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Owen K. McLemore


2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel John Marshall Stone


11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Phillip F. Liddell


6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Major Robert F. Webb




Charleston German (S.C.) Light Artillery

Captain William K. Bachman


Palmetto (S.C.) Light Artillery

Captain Hugh R. Garden


1st Rowan (N.C.) Light Battery D

Captain James Reilly


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