The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Longstreet's Command

Kemper's Division

Brigadier General James L. Kemper


With Longstrteet in command of the army's Right Wing in July of 1862, his division of six brigades was temporarily split into two divisions of three brigades, each commanded by the two senior brigadier generals, James Kemper and Cadmus Wilcox. The division merged into Major General David R. Jones' Division at the beginning of September.

Jenkins' Brigade

Colonel Micah Jenkins (BG 8/22; w 8/31)

Colonel Joseph Walker

to Jones' Division

1st South Carolina Volunteers

Colonel Thomas J. Glover (mw 8/31)


2nd South Carolina Rifles

Major Robert A. Thompson


4th South Carolina Infantry Battalion

Major Charles S. Mattison


5th South Carolina Infantry Regiment



6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment



Palmetto (S.C.) Sharpshooters

Colonel Joseph Walker (^)


Fauquier (Va.) Artillery

Captain Robert M. Stribling


Kemper's Brigade

Colonel Montgomery D. Corse (w)

Colonel William R. Terry

to Jones' Division

1st Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Frederick G. Skinner (w)


7th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Waller T. Patton (w 8/30)

Captain Phillip S. Ashby


11th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major Adam Clement


17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Montgomery Corse (w 8/31)

Lt. Colonel Morton Marye (w)

Major Arthur Herbert


24th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William R. Terry


Pickett's Brigade

Colonel Eppa Hunton

to Jones' Division

8th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Norborne Berkeley


18th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Major George G. Cabell


19th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel James B. Strange


28th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Robert C.. Allen


56th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William D. Stuart


Loudon (Va.) Artillery

Captain Arthur L. Rogers





Charleston German (S.C.) Light Artillery

Captain William K. Bachman


Palmetto (S.C.) Light Artillery

Captain Hugh R. Garden


1st Rowan (N.C.) Light Battery D

Captain James Reilly


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