The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia - Longstreet's Right Wing

Wilcox's Division

Brigadier General Cadmus M. Wilcox


With Longstrteet in command of the army's Right Wing, his division of six brigades was temporarily split into two divisions of three brigades each commanded by the two senior brigadier generals, James Kemper and Cadmus Wilcox.

Featherston's Brigade

Brigadier General Winfield S. Featherston

from Featherston's Bde., Longstreet's Div.

2nd Mississippi Infantry Battalion

Major William S. Wilson


12th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel William H. Taylor


16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Carnot Posey


19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Nathaniel H. Harris


Pryor's Brigade

Brigadier General Roger A. Pryor


14th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major James A. Broome

from Pryor's Bde., Longstreet's Div.

2nd Florida Infantry Regiment

Colonel William D. Ballantine


5th Florida Infantry Regiment

Colonel John C. Hately

from Florida

8th Florida Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel George A. C. Coppens

from Florida

3rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Joseph Mayo

from Colston's Bde., Longstreet's Div.

Wilcox's Brigade

Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox

8th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Hilary A. Herbert

from Pryor's Bde., Longstreet's Div.

9th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major Jere H. J. Williams

from Wilcox's Bde., Longstreet's Div.

10th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Major John H. Caldwell

from Wilcox's Bde., Longstreet's Div.

11th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Captain John C. C. Sanders

from Wilcox's Bde., Longstreet's Div.

Saunders' Artillery Battalion

Major John S. Saunders

Donaldsonville (La.) Artillery

Captain Victor Maurin


Dixie (Va.) Artillery

Captain William H. Chapman


Thomas (Va.) Artillery

Captain Edwin J. Anderson


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