The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

Army Artillery Reserve

Brigadier Genral William Nelson Pendleton


Nelson's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel William Nelson (prom. 4/14)

Major T.J. Page, Jr.


Amhearst (Va.) Battery

Captain T. J. Kirkpatrick


Fluvanna (Va.) Artillery

Captain John L. Massie


Milledge's (Ga.) Battery

Captain John Milledge, Jr.


Sumter (Ga.) Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Alan S. Cutts (*)

Major John Lane


Company A

Captain Hugh M. Ross


Company B

Captain George M. Patterson


Company C

Captain John Lane (^ 4/16)

Captain John T. Wingfield



*Lt. Colonel Cutts left mid-month on an extended leave of absence, probably for medical reasons. He woud return briefly for the Battle of Chancellorsville, then leave again until after the Gettysburg campaign. Captain Lane was promoted to major and became the battalion's executive officer. He would command the battalion in Cutts' absence.



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