The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

Magruder's Division

Major General Gustavus W. Smith


Major General Magruder was relieved on July 3 and the two brigades of his division were attached to McLaws' Division

Cobb's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Howell Cobb

to McLaws' Division 7/3

16th Georgia Infantry Regiment



24th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Robert McMillan


Cobb's Georgia Legion



2nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel Isiah Norwood (k 7/1)

Lt. Col. Jesse M. Williams (to Col. 7/26)


15th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Colonel Henry A. Dowd (w 7/1)

Lt. Colonel William MacRae


Troup (Ga.) Artillery

Captain Henry A. Carlton


Griffiths' Brigade

Colonel William Barksdale

to McLaws' Division 7/3

13th Mississipi Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel James W. Carter (w 7/1)

Major Kennon McElroy


17th Mississipi Infantry Regiment

Colonel W.D. Holder (w 7/1)

Lt. Colonel John C. Fiser


18th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Thomas M. Griffin (w 7/1)

Lt. Colonel William H. Luse


21st Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys

Lt. Colonel W.L. Brandon


McCarthy's (Va.) Battery

Captain E.S. McCarthy


Cabell's Reserve Artillery


Cosnahan's (Va.) Battery



Manly's (N.C.) Battery



Read's (Georgia) Battery



Sands' (Va.) Battery



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