The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

Whiting's (Smith's) Division

Bde. Gen. W.H.C. Whiting


On June 11 General Whiting with Hood's and Whiting's brigades was sent to temporarily reinforce Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley. The remaining three brigades of the division (Archer's, Pender's and Hampton's) were "temporarily" placed under A.P. Hill's command, although this would become permanent.

Archer's (Hatton's) Brigade

Bde. Gen. James J. Archer (from 6/3*)

to A.P. Hill's Division 6/11**

1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Colonel Peter Tunney


7th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Colonel John F. Goodner


14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Colonel William A. Forbes


Braxton's (Va.) Battery



Hampton's Brigade


to A.P. Hill's Division 6/11**

14th Georgia Infantry Regiment



19th Georgia Infantry Regiment



Hampton Legion (S.C.) Infantry



16th North Carolina Infantry Regiment



Madison (La.) Artillery



Hood's Brigade

Bde. Gen. John B. Hood


18th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Solon Z. Ruff


1st Texas Infantry Regiment

Colonel Alexis T. Rainey (w 6/27)

Lt. Colonel Philip A. Work


4th Texas Infantry Regiment

Colonel John F. Marshall (k 6/27)

Captain W.P. Townsend


5th Texas Infantry Regiment

Colonel James J. Archer (BG 6/3)

Colonel Jerome B. Robertson


Hampton Legion

Lt. Colonel M.W. Gary


Pettigrew's Brigade

Bde. Gen. W.D. Pender (from 6/3*)

to A.P. Hill's Division 6/11**

2nd Arkansas Battalion



35th Georgia Infantry Regiment



22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment



47th Virginia Infantry Regiment



1st Maryland Battery



Whiting's Brigade

Colonel Evander M. Law

4th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel O.K. McLemore (w)

Captain H.L. Scruggs


2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel John M. Stone


11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Colonel Philip F. Liddell


6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Isaac E. Avery (w)

Major Robert F. Webb


Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery

Captain James Reilly


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**Official Records, Series 1, Volume 11, part 3, p.589

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