The Civil War in the East


Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee


The Battle of Fredericksburg (December 13) was one of the army's easiest victories. It suffered a little more than 5,000 casualties while causing more than twice that to the North. It was the last serious fighting the army would see until May.

First Corps

Lieutenant General James Longstreet

Anderson's Division

Major General Richard H. Anderson


Hood's Division

Major General John B. Hood


McLaws' Division

Major General Lafayette McLaws


Pickett's Division

Major General George Pickett


Ransom's Division

Brigadier General Robert Ransom


Artillery Reserve

Colonel James B. Walton (after 12/6)


Second Corps

Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson

Ewell's Division

Brigadier General Jubal Early


A.P. Hill's Light Division

Major General Ambrose Powell Hill


D. H. Hill's Division

Major General Daniel Harvey Hill


Jackson's Division

Brigadier General William B. Taliaferro


Army Reserve Artillery

Brigadier General William N. Pendleton

Brown's Artillery Battalion

Colonel J. Thompson Brown


Cutt's (Ga.) Artillery Battalion



Nelson's Artillery Battalion

Major William Nelson


Cavalry Division

Major General James E. B. Stuart

Hampton's Brigade

Brigadier General Wade Hampton


F. Lee's Brigade

Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee


W.H.F. Lee's Brigade

Brigadier General W. H. F. Lee


Jones' Brigade

Brigadier General William E. Jones


Stuart Horse Artillery

Major John Pelham


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