The Civil War in the East


Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee


The Battle of Chancellorsville (May 1-3) was a costly victory. The army lost about a quarter of its strength, with the Second Corps particularly hard hit. Probably the greatest loss was "Stonewall" Jackson, which caused Lee to rethink the army's structure. On the plus side, Longstreet with his two detached divisions rejoined the army from the disappointing Suffolk campaign.

First Corps

Lieutenant General James Longstreet

detached until mid-month at Suffolk

Anderson's Division

Major General Richard Anderson

to 3rd Corps 6/1

Hood's Division

Major General John B. Hood

detached until mid-month at Suffolk

McLaws' Division

Major General Lafayette McLaws


Pickett's Division

Major General George E. Pickett

detached until mid-month at Suffolk

Artillery Reserve

Colonel James B. Walton


Second Corps

Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (mw 5/2)

Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill (w 5/2)

Bde. Gen. Robert E. Rodes (5/2-5/3)

Maj.General James E. B. Stuart (5/3-5/6)


Early's Division

Major General Jubal A. Early


A.P. Hill's Light Division

Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill (^)

Bde. Gen. Henry Heth (w)

Bde. Gen Dorsey Pender (w)

Bde. Gen. James J. Archer

to 3rd Corps 6/1

Rodes (D. H. Hill's) Division

Bde. Gen. Robert E. Rodes (^ 5/2-5/3)

Bde. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur (5/2-5/3)

Rodes promoted to Maj. Gen. and permanent division command 5/7

Trimble's/Johnson's Division

Bde. Gen. Raleigh E. Colston (rel. 5/25)

Maj. Gen.Edward Johnson


Reserve Artillery

Bde. Gen. Nelson Pendleton

Cutts' Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Allen S. Cutts


Nelson's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel William Nelson


Cavalry Division

Major General James E. B. Stuart (temporarily to Second Corps)

Hampton's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Wade Hampton


F. Lee's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee


W.H.F. Lee's Brigade

Bde. Gen. W. H. F. Lee


Jones' Brigade

Bde. Gen. William E. Jones


Jenkins' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Albert G. Jenkins

from SW Va. late May

Robertson's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Beverly H. Robertson

from N.C. late May

Stuart Horse Artillery

Major Robert F. Beckham


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