The Civil War in the East

Army of the Valley

Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early


The Battle of Cedar Creek on October 19 began as a Confederate victory but by the end of the day's fighting turned into a decisive defeat. Stephen D. Ramseur was killed, leaving Bryan Grimes in charge of his division.

Gordon's Division

Major General John B. Gordon


Evans' Brigade

Brig. Gen. Clement Evans


Louisiana Brigade



Terry's Virginia Brigade

Brig. Gen. William Terry


Kershaw's Division

Major General Joseph B. Kershaw


Bryan's Brigade

Colonel James P. Simms


Conner's Brigade

Major James M. Groggin


Humphrey's Brigade

Colonel Daniel M. Moody (w 10/19)


Wofford's Brigade

Colonel Christopher C. Sanders


Pegram's Division

Bde. Gen. John Pegram


Godwin's Brigade

Lt. Colonel William T. Davis


Johnston's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Robert D. Johnston


Pegram's Brigade

Colonel John S. Hoffman


Ramseur's Divison

Maj. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur (k 10/19)

Brig. Gen. Bryan Grimes


Battle's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Cullen Battle (w 10/19)


Cook's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Philip Cook


Cox's Brigade

Brig. Gen. William R. Cox


Grimes' Brigade

Brig. Gen. Bryan Grimes (^ 10/19)


Wharton's Division

Brig. Gen. Gabriel Wharton

Echol's Brigade

Captain Edmund S. Read


Smith's Brigade

Colonel Thomas Smith


Wharton's Brigade



Artillery Reserve

Colonel Thomas Carter

Braxton's Artillery Battalion



Carter's Artillery Battalion



Cutshaw's Artillery Battalion



King's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel J. Floyd King


Nelson's Artillery Battalion

Lt. Colonel Wiliam Nelson


Horse Artillery



Lomax's Cavalry Division

Maj. Gen. Lumsford Lomax


Imboden's Brigade

Colonel George H. Smith


Jackson's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Henry B. Davidson


Johnson's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Bradley Johnson


McCausland's Brigade

Brig. Gen. John McCausland


Rosser's (Lee's) Cavalry Division

Maj. Gen. Thomas L. Rosser


Payne's Brigade

Brig. Gen. William H.F. Payne


Rosser's Brigade



Wickham's Brigade



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