The Civil War in the East


Army of the Valley District

Major General Thomas J. Jackson


Loring's Division joined Jackson during December. Although it consisted of only three brigades from the Army of the Northwest it kept the army's name.

First Brigade

Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnet (from 12/4)

2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel James Allen


4th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel James Preston


5th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel William Harman


27th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John Echols


33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Arthur C. Cummings


Virginia Militia



Boggs' Militia Brigade

Brig. Gen. Boggs


Carson's Militia Brigade

Brig. Gen. J. H. Carson


Meem's Militia Brigade

Brig. Gen. G.S. Meem


Army Artillery



Alleghany Battery

Captain Joseph Carpenter


Cutshaw's Section of Artillery

Lieutenant W.E. Cutshaw


Rockbridge Artillery

Captain William McLaughlin


West Augusta Artillery

Captain James Waters


Valley Cavalry



7th Virginia Cavalry

Lt. Colonel Turner Ashby


Chew's Horse Artilley

Captain Robert Chew





Army of the Northwest*

Brig. Gen. William W. Loring





Anderson's Brigade

Colonel S.R. Anderson

arrived Winchester at Christmas

1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Colonel Hume R. Feild


7th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Colonel Robert Hatton


14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Colonel William A. Forbes


Danville Artillery

Captain Lindsay M. Shumaker


Gilham's Brigade

Colonel William Gilham

arrived Winchester at Christmas

21st Virginia Volunteers

Captain R.H. Cunningham


42nd Virginia Volunteers

Lt. Col. D. A. Langhorne


48th Virginia Volunteers

Colonel John A. Campbell


1st Virginia Regulars Battalion

Captain J.Y. Jones


Hampen Artilley

Captain Lawrence S. Marye


Taliaferro's Brigade

Colonel William B. Taliaferro

arrived Wnchester 12/8

3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

Major Van Manning


1st Georgia Infantry Regiment

Major J. W. Anderson


23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment



37th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Samuel Fulkerson


*OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 5, Part 1

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