The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army - Army of the Potomac - Third Corps

Third Division(until 8/5)
First Division (after 8/5)

Brigadier General Philip Kearney


Second Battle of Bull Run

The Third Division was redesignated as the First Division on August 5th, 1862

First Brigade

Bde. Gen. John C. Robinson


20th Indiana Infantry Regiment

Colonel William L. Brown (k)

Major John Wheeler


63rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Colonel Alexander Hays (w)

Captain James F. Ryan (w)


105th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel C. A. Craig (w)

Major J. W. Greenwalt


87th New York Infantry Regiment

Colonel Stephen A. Dodge


Second Brigade

Brigadier General David B. Birney


3rd Maine Infantry Regiment

Captain Moses B. Lakeman


4th Maine Infantry Regiment

Colonel Elijah Walker


Colonel Garrett W. Dyckman


Colonel J. H. Hobart Ward


Colonel Thomas W. Egan


101st New York Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Nelson A. Gesner


57th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Major William Birney


Third Brigade

Colonel Orlando M. Poe (2 MI)


2nd Michigan Infantry Regiment

Lt. Colonel Louis Dilman


3rd Michigan Infantry Regiment

Colonel Stephen G. Champlain (w)

Major Byron R. Pierce


5th Michigan Infantry Regiment

Captain William Wakenshaw


37th New York Infantry Regiment

Colonel Samuel B. Hayman


99th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Colonel Asher S. Leidy





1st Rhode Island Artilery, Battery E

Captain George E. Randolph

from 3rd Corps Artillery

6th Maine Battery

Captain Freeman McGilvery

from Army Va., 2nd Corps, 2nd Div.

1st United States Artillery, Battery K

Captain William M. Graham

from 5th Corps, Artillery Reserve

3rd United States Artillery, Batteries F&K


from 5th Corps, Artillery Reserve

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