The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army - Army of the Potomac - Cavalry Corps

First Division

Colonel Benjamin F. Davis (until 6/6)

Colonel Thomas C. Devin (6/6 - 6/9)

Brigadier General John Buford (after 6/9)




First Brigade

Colonel William Gamble (except 6/6 - 6/9)

Colonel Benjamin F. Davis (6/6 - k 6/9)

8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment

Major Alpheus Clark (mw 6/9)

Major John L. Beverage (after 6/9)


12th Illinois Cavalry Regiment

Cos. E, F, H & I

Colonel George H. Chapman


3rd Indiana Cavalry Regiment

Cos. A, B, C, D, E & F

Major William S. McClure

attached to 12th Illinos Cavalry (above)

8th New York Cavalry Regiment

Colonel Benjamin F. Davis (to 6/6)

Lt. Colonel William L. Markell (after 6/6)


Colonel William Sackett

to 2nd Bde. (see below)

Second Brigade

Colonel Thomas C. Devin (except 6/6 - 6/9)

Colonel J. H. Kellogg (6/6 - 6/9)

6th New York Cavalry Regiment

Major William E. Beardsley


Colonel William Sackett

from 1st Bde. (see above)

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment

Captain William A. Corrie

to 2nd Div., 2nd Bde.

17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment

Colonel Josiah H. Kellogg


3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Cos. A & C

Captain Seymour B. Conger

from 22nd Corps, Cavalry Div., 3 Bde.

Third Brigade

Major Charles Whiting (until 6/9)

Major Samuel H. Starr (6/9 - 6/28)

Brigadier General Wesley Merritt (after 6/28)

1st United States Cavalry Regiment

Captain Richard S. C. Lord


2nd United States Cavalry Regiment

Captain Theophilus F. Rodenbaugh


5th United States Cavalry Regiment

Captain James E. Harrison

from independent brigade 6/6 (see below)

6th United States Cavalry Regiment

Major Samuel H. Starr (except 6/9 - 6/28)

Captain George C. Cram (6/9 - 6/28)


6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment

Major Robert Morris, Jr. (c 6/9)

Major Henry C. Whelan


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