The Civil War in the East

U .S. Army

Department of Virginia and North Carolina

Major General John G. Foster


18th Army Corps

Brig. Gen. Innes N. Palmer (to 8/18)

Maj. Gen. John G. Foster


Getty's Division

Brigadier General George W. Getty


District of Virginia

Brigadier General H.M. Nagley

Organized 8/12

Norfolk & Portsmouth


to District of Virginia (above)

Subdistrict of Yorktown

Brigadier General Isaac J. Wistar

Organized 8/1

District of North Carolina

Maj. Gen. John J. Peck

Organized 8/1

Subdistrict of the Albemarle

Brigadier General H.W. Wessels


Subdistrict of Beaufort

Colonel T.J.C. Amory (to 8/14)

Brigadier General C.A. Heckman


Defences of New Berne

Brigadier General C.A. Heckman (to 8/14)

Brigadier General I.N. Palmer


Subdistrict of the Palmico

Lt. Colonel O. Molton


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