The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army

22nd Army Corps, Department of Washington

Major General C. C. Augur


Defences North of the Potomac

Lt. Colonel J. A. Haskins


First Brigade

Colonel A. A. Gibson


Second Brigade

Colonel L. O. Morris


Third Brigade

Colonel W. R. Pease


Defences South of the Potomac

Bde. Gen. G. A. DeRussy


First Brigade

Colonel T. R. Tannatt


Second Brigade

Maj. L. Schamberger (until 11/5)

Colonel H. L. Abbot


Third Brigade

Colonel H. L. Abbot (until 11/5)

Col. J. C. Tidball


Fourth Brigade

Colonel J.C. Tidball (to 11/5)

Colonel L. Scirmer


King's Division

Bde. Gen. Michael Corcoran


First Brigade

Colonel M. Murphy


Independent Cavalry Brigade

Colonel C. R. Lowell, Jr.


2nd Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment



13th New York Cavalry Regiment



16th New York Cavalry Regiment



District of Alexandria

Brig. Gen. John P. Slough (to 11/5)

Colonel H. H. Wells


1st District of Columbia Infantry Regt.



Pennsylvania Independent Battery H



Second Brigade, Pa. Reserves

Colonel H. G. Sickel


3rd Pennsylvania Reserves Regiment

Colonel Horation G. Sickel (^)


4th Pennsylvania Reserves Regiment

Colonel Richard H. Woolworth


7th Pennsylvania Reserves Regiment

Colonel Henry C. Bolinger


8th Pennsylvania Reserves Regiment

Colonel Silas M. Baily


District of Washington

Colonel M. N. Wisewell (10/1)

Bde. Gen. J. H. Martindale


2nd District of Columbia Infantry Regt.

Colonel Charles M. Alexander


14th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment

Colonel Robert Wilson


153rd New York Infantry Regiment

Colonel Edwin P. Davis


178th New York Infantry Regiment


to Army of the Tennessee

150th Pennsylvania Infantry, Co. K



157th Pennsylvania Infantry (4 cos.)



1st Veteran Reserve Corps



6th Veteran Reserve Corps



9th Veteran Reserve Corps



Light Artillery Camp Camp Berry

Bde. Gen. A. P. Howe


2nd Connecticut Light Battery



1st Delaware Battery



2nd Maine Light Artillery



7th Massachusetts Battery



3rd New Jersey Battery



4th New Jersey Battery



5th New Jersey Battery



1st New York Artillery, Battery F



10th New York Independent Battery



19th New York Independent Battery



33rd New York Independent Battery



1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery H



1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery H



1st West Virginia Artillery, Battery F



5th United States Artillery, Battery D


from Army Potomac, 5th Corps Artillery

5th United States Artillery, Battery I


from Army Potomac, 2nd Corps Artillery

5th United States Artillery, Battery L



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