The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army - 22nd Army Corps - Department of Washington

Defences North of the Potomac

Brigadier General Martin D. Hardin



First Brigade

Colonel C.H. Long


Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, 3 Cos.


to 2nd Bde. (see below)

1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery



13th Michigan Independent Battery



4th United States Artillery, Battery A



Second Brigade

Major J.A.P. Allen

Colonel W.S. Abert


3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery


consoldated from independent companies

9th Co. Massachusetts Heavy Artillery



14th Michigan Independent Battery


to 3rd Bde. (see below)

11th Co. New Hampshire Heavy Artillery


to 1st Bde. (see above)

Third Brigade

Lt. Colonel J.H. Oberteuffer


Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, 3 Cos.



14th Michigan Independent Battery


from 2nd Bde. (see above)

Fort Foote



2nd Co. New Hampshire Hv. Artillery



2nd United States Artillery, Battery I



3rd United States Artillery, Battery G



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