The Civil War in the East

88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment


The 88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment lost 8 officers and 101 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 72 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.


It is honored by a monument and two markers at Gettysburg.

Monument to the 88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg



Organized at Philadelphia. Recruited in Philadelphia and Reading.

October 1

Left State for Washington, D.C. At Kendall Green, Washington, D.C.

October 12

Provost duty at Alexandria


February 18,

Companies A, C, D, E and I garrison forts on Maryland side of the Potomac River

April 17-23

At Cloud's Mills, Va.

April 24-May 7

Guard Orange & Alexandria Railroad between Bull Run and Fairfax C. H.

May 7

Duty near Fredericksburg, Va. attached to 1st Brigade, Ord's 2nd Division, Dept. of the Rappahannock

May 25-June 18

Expedition to Front Royal to intercept Jackson


Duty at Manassas, Warrenton and Culpeper atatched to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Virginia

August 9

Battle of Cedar Mountain

August 16-
September 2

Pope's Campaign in Northern Virginia

August 21-23

Fords of the Rappahannock

August 28

Thoroughfare Gap

August 30

Battle of Bull Run

September 1


September 6-24

Maryland Campaign attached to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Army Corps, Army Potomac

September 14

Battles of South Mountain

September 16-17

Battle of Antietam


Duty near Sharpsburg, Md.

October 30-
November 19

Movement to Falmouth, Va.

December 12-15

Battle of Fredericksburg


January 20-24,

Burnside's 2nd Campaign, "Mud March"


At Falmouth and Belle Plains


Attached to 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Army Corps

April 27-May 6

Chancellorsville Campaign

April 29-May 2

Operations at Pollock's Mill Creek

April 29-30

Fitzhugh's Crossing

May 2-5

Battle of Chancellorsville

Attached to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Army Corps

June 11-July 24

Gettysburg Campaign

July 1-3

Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Major Benezet F. Foust, who was wounded on the 1st in the fighting on Oak Hill. Captain Edmund A. Mass then took command until he was captured. Captain Henry Whiteside then took over the regiment.


From the monument: "About noon, July 1st 1863, the regiment was in line along the Mummasburg Road, 200 yards S.E. of this monument. Later it changed direction and formed here, charged forward and captured two battle flags and a number of prisoners. at 4 p.m. the Division was overpowered and forced through the town."


"July 2nd the regiment was in position facing the Emmitsburg Road and on July 3rd at Ziegler's Grove, as indicated by markers."


From the Ziegler's Grove marker: "Arrived here in time to assist in reppelling the enemy's charge on July 3rd 1863 and remained until the morning of July 6th"


"Men engaged 294; killed 18; wounded 50; missing 53. Erected by survivors August 27, 1883."

"The principal monument is erected on Oak Ridge the scene of the first day's battle"

July 5-24

Pursuit of Lee


Duty on line of the Rappahannock

October 9-22

Bristoe Campaign

November 7-8

Advance to line of the Rappahannock

November 26-December 2

Mine Run Campaign


February 6-7

Demonstration on the Rapidan

February 6

Regiment reenlisted and on furlough


Attached to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps

April 7

Regiment returns from furlough

May 4-June 12

Rapidan Campaign

May 5-7

Battle of the Wilderness

May 8-21

Battle of Spottsylvania Court House

May 8

Battle of Laurel Hill

May 12

Assault on the Salient

May 23-26

North Anna River

May 25

Jericho Ford

May 26-28

On line of the Pamunkey

May 28-31


June 1-12

Battle of Cold Harbor

Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps

June 1-3

Bethesda Church

June 13

White Oak Swamp

June 16-18

Before Petersburg, beginning of Siege of Petersburg

July 30

Mine Explosion, Petersburg (Reserve)

August 18-21

Weldon Railroad

October 27-28

Hatcher's Run

December 7-12

Warren's Expedition to Weldon Railroad


February 5-7

Dabney's Mills, Hatcher's Run

March 28-April 9

Appomattox Campaign. Attached to 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps

March 29

Lewis Farm near Gravelly Run

March 30-31

White Oak Road

April 1

Five Forks

April 2-9

Pursuit of Lee

April 9

Appomattox C. H. Surrender of Lee and his army.

May 1-12

Moved to Washington, D.C.

May 23

Grand Review

June 30

Mustered out

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