Confederate Regiments & Batteries

Ten regiments of North Carolina State Troops, numbering 1st to 10th, were organised to serve during the war. On May 8, 1861,  thirteen regiments of volunteers were organised for twelve months service, numbering 1st to 8th and 10th to 14th. On November 14, 1861, Special Orders No. 222, Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office, Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia, authorised the original ten regiments of state troops to keep their numbering and the volunteers to be redesignated, with 10 added to their numerical designation to fit into the consolidated list. All units were subsequently known as North Carolina State Troops.

North Carolina Infantry Regiments

1st (6 months)1st • 2nd • 3rd • 4th • 5th 6th • 7th8th

11th • 12th • 13th 14th • 15th16th17th • 18th

20th21st22nd23rd • 24th 25th26th • 27th • 28th


42nd43rd44th 45th46th47th48th49th


61st66thThomas Legion

The 9th, 19th, 41st, 59th, 63rd, 65th, and 69th became cavalry.
The 10th, 36th, and 40th became artillery.
Others that are not listed did not serve in Virginia.

North Carolina Infantry Battalions

1st Battalion Sharpshooters • 2nd Battalion6th Battalion

North Carolina Cavalry

1st Cavalry Regiment 2nd Cavalry Regiment3rd Cavalry Regiment4th Cavalry Regiment5th Cavalry Regiment

12th Cavalry Battalion16th Cavalry Battalion

North Carolina Artillery

1st Regiment: Company  A (Ellis)Company C (Charlotte)Company D (Rowan)Company E (Wilmington)

3rd Regiment: Company GCompany H

13th Battalion: Company C •  Company F

Branch Artillery