Confederate Regiments & Batteries

On December 7, 1860, the South Carolina legislature passed a bill enabling the Governor to call out the militia for 12 months service, and allowing for the organization of troops into regiments, battalions, and squadrons. On December 9, Governor Francis Pickens issued a call for 12,000 volunteers for 12 months Confederate service, and ordered a draft to meet the required number if sufficient volunteers were not forthcoming. All volunteer military organizations were to organize accordingly. South Carolina seceded from the Union on December 20.

Regiments, Battalions and Batteries who participated in the fighting in Virginia

South Carolina Infantry Regiments

1st Infantry (Provisional Army) • 1st Volunteers • 1st Rifles • 2nd Rifles • 2nd Infantry

3rd Infantry • 4th  Infantry5th Infantry • 6th Infantry • 7th Infantry8th Infantry • 9th Infantry

11th Infantry12th Infantry • 13th Infantry • 14th Infantry • 15th Infantry17th Infantry18th Infantry

20th Infantry21st Infantry22nd Infantry23rd Infantry25th Infantry • 26th Infantry27th Infantry

Hampton Legion InfantryPalmetto Sharpshooters

South Carolina Infantry Battalions

3rd • 4th • 7th14th*Holcombe Legion

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South Carolina Cavalry Regiments

1st • 2nd • 4th • 5th • 6th • 7thBoykin’s Mounted RangersHampton Legion

South Carolina Artillery

Brooks ArtilleryCharleston German ArtilleryMacbeth ArtilleryPalmetto ArtilleryPee Dee ArtilleryWashington Artillery