United States Army

April 1861 • to May >

Commanded by Brigadier General Benjamin F. Butler

The Department of Annapolis was created on April 27, 1861 to control the vital communications corridor from the northern states into Washington. General Orders #12 removed part of Maryland “to include the counties for twenty miles on each side of the railroad from Annapolis to Washington, as far as Bladensburg,” from the Department of Pennsylvania to become the Department of Annapolis.

6th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Coloenel Edward F. Jones from Boston 4/17
6th New York Militia Regiment Colonel Joseph Pinckney arrived from New York 4/26
13th New York State Militia Colonel Abel Smith from New York 4/23
20th New York State Militia Colonel George W. Pratt from New York 4/23
69th New York State Militia Colonel Michael Corcoran arrived from New York 4/27
Varian’s New York Battery Captain J. Varian from New York 4/20
Cook’s Boston, Ma. Battery
2nd United States Artillery, Battery I