The United States Army > Army of the Potomac

< March • April 1863to May >

Commanded by Major General George Stoneman

First Division Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton
First Brigade Colonel Benjamin F. Davis
Second Brigade Colonel Thomas C. Devin
Second Division Brigadier General W. W. Averill
First Brigade Colonel H. B. Sergeant
Second Brigade Colonel J. B. McIntosh
Third Division Brigadier General David McM. Gregg
First Brigade Colonel Judson Kilpatrick
Second Brigade Colonel Percy Wyndham
Reserve Brigade Brigadier General John Buford
1st United States Cavalry Regiment Major Robert Morris, Jr.
2nd United States Cavalry Regiment Captain R. S. C. Lord
5th United States Cavalry Regiment Major Charles J. Whiting
6th United States Cavalry Regiment Captain James E. Harrison
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Captain George C. Cram
Artillery Reserve
2nd United States Artillery, Batteries B&L Lieutenant Albert O. Vincent
2nd United States Artillery, Battery M Lieutenant Robert Clarke
4th United States Artillery, Battery E Lieutenant Samuel S. Elder