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Commanded by:
Brigadier General Henry Prince (to 4/4)
Brigadier General James B. Ricketts

First Brigade Colonel William H. Morris
14th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel William S. Truex
106th New York Infantry Regiment Major Andrew N. McDonald
151st New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Erwin A. Bowen
87th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John W. Schall
10th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Albert B. Jewett
Second Brigade Brigadier General David A. Russell (to 4/7)
Colonel B. F. Smith
6th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel John W. Horn
110th Ohio Infantry Regiment Major Otho H. Binkley
122nd Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Ball
126th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William H. Harlan
67th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment temporarily attached to 138 PA*
138th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Matthew R. McClennan

Note: The 67th Pennsylvania was on Veteran’s furlough during this time. 200 non veterans were attached to the 138th Pennsylvania until their enlistments were up.