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Headquarters escort
Oneida (New York) Cavalry Company Captain Daniel P. Mann
Provost Guard Brigadier General Marsena L. Patrick
1st Massachusetts Cavalry, Cos. C&D from Cavalry Corps, 2 Div. 1 Brig.
80th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Jacob Hardenberg
93rd New York Infantry, Cos. AFH&K Colonel John S. Crocker to 2 Corps, 3 Div., 2 Brig.
3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
68th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
114th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
Engineer Brigade Brigadier General Daniel Woodbury
15th New York Engineer Regiment Major Walter N. Cassin
50th New York Engineer Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William H. Pettes
Regular Engineer Battalion Captain George Henry Mendell
Artillery Reserve Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler
1st Volunteer Brigade Lt. Colonel Freeman McGivery
2nd Volunteer Brigade Captain Elijah D. Taft
3rd Volunteer Brigade re-created
Headquarters Staff
Chief of Staff Major General Andrew A. Humphreys
Chief of Artillery Brigadier General Henry J. Hunt
Chief Engineer
Assistant Adjutant General Brigadier General Seth Williams
Inspector General Colonel Delos B. Sacket
Chief Quartermaster Lieutenant Colonel Rufus Ingalls
Medical Director Surgeon Jonathan Letterman
Bureau of Information Colonel George H. Sharpe