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Commanded by Colonel Andrew Porter

The 2nd Division was discontinued on August 17, 1861.

First Brigade Colonel Andrew Porter
14th New York State Militia Lt. Colonel Edward B. Fowler  to Keyes’ Brig. Dept. Potomac
27th New York Infantry Regiment

Major Joseph J. Bartlett

to Heintzleman’s Brig. Dept. Potomac
35th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel A. M. Wood to Hunter’s Brig. Div. Potomac
2nd United States Infantry, Cos. C & K
3rd U.S., Cos. B, D, G, H & K
8th U. S., Co. G
Major George Sykes
1st United States Cavalry, Cos. A & E
2nd U. S. Dragoons, Co. K
2nd U. S. Cavalry, Cos. B, E, G & I
Major Innis N. Palmer  to Cavalry Reserve, Div. Potomac
United States Marine Battalion Major J. G. Reynolds  to U.S. Navy
Second Brigade Colonel Ambrose Burnside
2nd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Frank S. Fiske  to Hooker’s Brig.., Div. Potomac
2nd Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel F. Wheaton  to Couch’s Brig., Div. Potomac
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery A Captain William H. Reynolds  Assigned to Dept. of the Shenandoah