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Commanded by Brigadier General Samuel P. Heintzelman

Discontinued August 17, 1861

4th United States Cavalry, Cos. A&E Captain James B. McIntyre
First Brigade Colonel William B. Franklin
11th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel G. Clark to Hooker’s Brig., Div. Potomac
1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment Colonel W. A. Gorman to Stone’s Brig., Div. Potomac
1st United States Artillery, Battery I Lieutenant E. Kirby to Stone’s Brig., Div. Potomac
Second Brigade Colonel J. H. Hobart Ward
11th New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel John A. Cregier  to New York City
38th New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Addison Farnsworth  to Howard’s Brig., Div. Potomac 8/4
1st Michigan Infantry Regiment Major A. F. Bidwell  muster out
4th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel D. A. Woodbury  to Sherman’s Brig., Div. Potomac
2nd United States Artillery, Battery D Captain R. Arnold  to Kearney’s Brig., Div. Potomac
Third Brigade Col. Oliver O. Howard
3rd Maine Infantry Regiment Major H. G. Staples  to Howard’s Brig., Div. Potomac
4th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel H. G. Berry  to Howard’s Brig., Div. Potomac
5th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel M. H. Dunnell  to Heintzleman’s Brig., Div. Potomac
2nd Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel H. Whiting  to Smith’s Brig., Div. Potomac