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Commanded by Brigadier General Rufus King

First Brigade Brigadier General J. P. Hatch (w 8/28)
Colonel Timothy Sullivan
22nd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Walter Phelps
24th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Timothy Sullivan (^ 8/28)
Lt. Colonel Samuel Beardsley (w 8/30)
Major Andrew Barney (w 8/30)
Captain John D. O’Brien
30th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Frisby (k 8/30)
Colonel William M. Searing
14th New York State Militia Lt. Colonel Edward B. Fowler (w 8/30)
Major William H. de Bevoise
Second Brigade Brigadier General Abner Doubleday (to 8/30)
Colonel J. W. Hoffman
7th Indiana Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel John F. Cheek from 2 Div., 4 Brig.
76th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William P. Wainwright
95th New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel James B. Post
56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Sullivan A. Meredith (w)
Lt. Colonel J. William Hoffman
Second Brigade Brigadier General Marsena Patrick
21st New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William F. Rogers
23rd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry C. Hoffman
35th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Newton B. Lord
80th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel George W. Pratt (mw 8/30)
Lt. Colonel Theodore B. Gates
Third Brigade Brigadier General John Gibbon
2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Edgar O’Connor (k 8/28)
Lt. Colonel Lucius Fairchild
6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Lysander Cutler (w 8/26)
Lt. Colonel Edward S. Bragg
7th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel William W. Robinson 9w 8/28)
Lt. Colonel C. A. Hamilton (w 8/28)
Captain John B. Callis (after 8/28)
19th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Solomon Meredith
1st New Hampshire Battery Lieutenant Frederick M. Edgell
Pennsylvania Independent Battery D Captain George W. Durell to 9 Corps, 2 Div. 
Battery D, 1st Rhode Island Artillery Captain John Albert Monroe
Battery L, 1st New York Artillery Captain John A. Reynolds
4th United States Artillery, Battery B Captain Joseph Campbell (w 9/17)
Lieutenant James Stewart