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Commanded by Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres

First Brigade Brigadier General Joseph Hayes (c 8/19)
Colonel F. Winthrop (to 8/21)
Colonel C. P. Stone
5th New York Veteran Infantry
15th New York Heavy Artillery from 3 Brig. (below)
2nd United States Infantry Regiment
10th United States Infantry Regiment
11th United States Infantry Regiment
12th United States Infantry Regiment
17th United States Infantry Regiment
Second Brigade Colonel Nathan T. DuShane (k 8/21)
Colonel Samuel A. Graham
1st Maryland Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John W. Wilson
4th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel Richard N. Bowerman
7th Maryland Infantry Regiment
8th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel Andrew W. Denison
Purnell Legion Maryland Infantry Colonel Samuel A. Graham (^ 8/21)
Third Brigade (until 8/21) Colonel J. Howard Kitching
6th New York Heavy Artillery to 1 Brig. Hardin’s Div. 22 Corps, Dept. Washington
15th New York Heavy Artillery to 1 Brig. (above)
Third Brigade (reorganized) Colonel J. W. Hoffman reorganized 8/24
3rd Delaware Infantry from
4 Div. 2 Brig.
4th Delaware Infantry
76th New York Infantry Regiment Major John W. Young
95th New York Infantry Regiment Major Edward Pye
147th New York Infantry Regiment Major George Harney
56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
157th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment