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Commanded by Brigadier General Amiel W. Whipple

First Brigade Brigadier General Abram S. Piatt (i 12/14)
Colonel Emlen Franklin (12/14 – 12/17)
Colonel Benajah P. Bailey
86th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Benajah P. Bailey (^ 12/17)
Lt. Colonel Barnard J. Chapin
124th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel A. Van Horne Ellis
122nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Emlen Franklin (^ 12/14)
Second Brigade Colonel S. S. Carroll
12th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph H. Potter
163rd New York Infantry Regiment Major James J. Byrne
84th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel M. Bowman
110th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel William D. Lewis (res. 12/20)
Colonel James Crowther
10th New York Independent Battery Captain John T. Bruen
11th New York Independent Battery Captain Albert A. Von Puttkammer
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery H Lieutenant George W. Norton