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“The Pennsylvania Reserves”

Commanded by
Colonel H. G. Sickel (until January 11)
Brigadier General J.R. Kenly (January 11 – 18)
Brigadier General Abner Doubleday

First Brigade Colonel William McCandless
1st Pennsylvania Reserves Captain William C. Talley
2nd Pennsylvania Reserves Captain Timothy Mealey
6th Pennsylvania Reserves Major Wellington H. Ent
13th Pennsylvania Reserves Captain Charles F. Taylor
121st Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Chapman Biddle
Second Brigade Colonel R. P. Cummings
3rd Pennsylvania Reserves Colonel Horatio G. Sickel
4th Pennsylvania Reserves Lt. Colonel Richard H. Woolworth
7th Pennsylvania Reserves Colonel Henry C. Bolinger
8th Pennsylvania Reserves Major Silas M. Baily
142nd Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert P. Cummins
Third Brigade Colonel M. D. Hardin (to 1/10)
Colonel J. W. Fisher
5th Pennsylvania Reserves Colonel Joseph W. Fisher (^ 1/10)
Lt. Colonel George Dare
9th Pennsylvania Reserves Colonel Robert Anderson.
Major James McK. Snodgrass
10th Pennsylvania Reserves Major James B. Knox
11th Pennsylvania Reserves Lt. Colonel Samuel M. Jackson
12th Pennsylvania Reserves Captain Richard Gustin
Battery A, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery Lieutenant John G. Simpson
Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery Captain James H. Cooper
Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery Captain James H. Cooper  from 2 Div.
Battery G, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery Lieutenant Frank P. Amsden
Battery C, 5th United States Artillery Captain Dunbar R. Ransom  to 2 Div.