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Commanded by:
Brigadier General J.S. Wadsworth
 (until 7/15)
Brigadier General L. Cutler (after 7/15)

First Brigade (“Iron Brigade”) Brigadier General S. Meredith (w 7/2)
Colonel William W. Robinson (after 7/2)
19th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel J. Williams (w 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel William W. Dudley (w&c 7/1)
Major John M. Lindley (w 7/1)
24th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry A. Morrow (w&c 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Flanagan (w 7/1)
Major Edwin Wight (w 7/1)
Captain Albert M. Edwards
2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Lucius Fairchild (w&c 7/1)
Lieutenant Col. George H. Stevens (mw 7/1)
Major John Mansfield (w 7/1)
6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Rufus R. Dawes
7th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel William W. Robinson
Lieutenant Colonel John B. Callis (w&c 7/1)
Major Mark Finnicum (w 7/1)
1st New York Sharpshooter Battalion from Dept. Va., 7 Corps, 1 Div., 1 Brig.
167th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph D. Davis from Dept. Va., 7 Corps, 1 Div., 1 Brig.

Second Brigade

Brigadier General L. Cutler (until 7/15)
Colonel E. B. Fowler (after 7/15)
7th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Ira G. Grover
14th New York State Militia (84th N.Y.) Colonel Edward Fowler
76th New York Infantry Regiment Major Andrew J. Grover (k 7/1)
Captain John E. Cook (to 7/12)
Colonel Charles E. Livingston
Col. Livingston was acting AAG to Gen. Doubleday from Dec.1862 to 7/12
95th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel George H. Biddle (w 7/1)
Major Edward Pye (after 7/1)
147th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Francis C. Miller (w 7/1)
Major George Harney (after 7/1)
56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John W. Hofmann