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Commanded by:
Brigadier General T. A. Rowley (7/1 – 7/2)
Brigadier General Abner Doubleday (7/2 – 7/5; w 7/3)
Brigadier General J.R. Kenly (after 7/5)

The 1st and 2nd Brigades of the 3rd Division suffered along with the rest of the First Corps on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, losing over 60% casualties. The newly transferred 3rd Brigade did not join the division from Washington until the second day of battle and left two regiments behind guarding supply lines, so although it performed superbly on July 2 and during Pickett’s Charge its casualties were much lighter. Stannard’s heroic Vermonters mustered out during the month and were replaced with a fresh brigade from the Washington defences.

Reynold’s temporary appointment as wing commander for the army and then his death on July 1 put the Third Division’s nominal commander, Major General Abner Doubleday, in charge of the 1st Corps on July 1. But Meade had a low view of his capabilities and replaced him with John Newton on July 2, returning Doubleday to division command. Aftrer vain protests Doubleday left the army on July 5.

First Brigade Colonel Chapman Biddle (7/2 – 7/10)
80th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Theodore B. Gates to Army Potomac Provost Guard
121st Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Chapman Biddle (7/1 & 7/2 – 7/10)
Major Alexander Biddle (except 7/2 – 7/10)
142nd Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert P. Cummins (mw 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel Alfred B. McCalmont
151st Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George F. McFarland (w 7/1) mustered out 7/27

Second Brigade

Brigadier General Roy Stone (w 7/1)
Colonel L.anghorne Wistar (w 7/1)
Colonel Edmund L. Dana (after 7/1)
143rd Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Edmund L. Dana (^ 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel John D. Musser (w 7/1)
149th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Walton Dwight (w 7/1)
Captain John Irvin (after 7/1)
150th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Langhorne Wistar (to 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Huidekoper (w 7/1)

Third Brigade (until 7/11)

Brigadier General G. Stannard (w 7/3)
Colonel Francis V. Randall (7/3 – 7/11)
12th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Asa P. Blunt to Brattleboro to muster out 7/6
13th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis V. Randall (to 7/3)
Major Joseph J. Boynton
to Brattleboro to muster out 7/8
14th Vermont Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. Rose to Brattleboro to muster out 7/18
15th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Redford Proctor to Brattleboro to muster out 7/18
16th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Wheelock G. Veazey to Brattleboro to muster out 7/18
Third Brigade (after 7/11) Colonel Nathan T. Dushane
1st Maryland Infantry Regiment Lieutanant Colonel John W. Wilson from 8 Corps,
French’s Div.,
Md. Brig.
4th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel Richard N. Bowerman
7th Maryland Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. Phelps
8th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel Andrew W. Denison