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Commanded by:
Brigadier General John Gibbon (7/1 – 7/2)
Major General Winfield S. Hancock
(w 7/3)
Brigadier General William Hays

First Division Brigadier General John C. Caldwell
1st Brigade Colonel Edward E. Cross (k 7/2)
Cololnel H. B. McKean (to 7/4)
Colonel Nelson A. Miles (to 7/19)
Colonel J. A. Beaver (to 7/28)
Colonel Nelson A. Miles
2nd Brigade Colonel Patrick Kelly
3rd Brigade Colonel Samuel K. Zook (k 7/2)
Lieutenant Colonel J. Fraser (7/2 – 7/28)
Colonel P. Frank
4th Brigade Colonel John R. Brooke
Second Division Brigadier General W. Harrow (7/1-7/2)
Brigadier General J. Gibbon
(w 7/3)
Brigadier General W. Harrow
1st Brigade Colonel F. E. Heath (to 7/2)
Brigadier General William Harrow (^ 7/3)
Colonel F. E. Heath
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Alexander Webb
3rd Brigade Colonel Norman J. Hall (to 7/18)
Colonel J. E. Mallon
Third Division Brigadier General Alexander Hays
1st Brigade Colonel Samuel S. Carroll
Colonel Joseph Snider
2nd Brigade Colonel T. J. Smythe (to 7/3)
Lieutenant Colonel Francis E. Pierce (7/3)
Colonel T. J. Smythe
3rd Brigade Colonel George L. Willard (k 7/2)
Colonel Eliakim Sherrill (mw 7/3)
Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Bull (7/3 – 7/17)
Colonel John Coons
Artillery Brigade
1st New York Artillery, Battery B Captain James Rorty (k 7/3)
Lieutenant Albert S. Sheldon (w 7/3)
Lieutenant Robert E. Rogers
from Artillery Reserve, 1 Vol. Brig.
to Artillery Reserve, 2 Vol. Brig.
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery A Captain William A. Arnold
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery B Lieutenant Fred T. Brown (w 7/2)
Lieutenant Walter S. Perrin
1st United States Artillery, Battery I Lieutenant George A. Woodruff (mw 7/3)
2nd Lieutenant Tully McCrea
4th United States Artillery, Battery A 1st Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing (k 7/3)
2nd Lieutenant Joseph S. Milne (k 7/3)
Sergeant Frederick Fuger