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Commanded by Major General Ambrose E. Burnside

First Division Brigadier General James Ledlie
First Brigade Colonel J. P. Gould (to 7/23)
Brigadier General W. F. Bartlett (to 7/30)
Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Barnes
Second Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Barnes (to 7/21
Colonel E. G. Marshall (to 7/30)
Lieutenant Colonel G. P. Robinson
Second Division Brigadier General Robert B. Potter
First Brigade Lieutenant Colonel H. Pleasants (to 7/25)
Colonel Zenas R Bliss
Second Brigade Colonel S. G. Griffin
Third Division Brigadier General Orlando B. Wilcox
First Brigade Colonel John F. Hartranft
Second Brigade Colonel William Humphreys
Fourth Division Brigadier General Edward Ferrero (to 7/21)
Brigadier General Julius White (to 7/29)
Brigadier General Edward Ferrero
First Brigade Colonel J. K. Sigfried
Second Brigade Colonel H. G. Thomas
2nd Maine Battery Captain Albert F. Thomas from 1 Div.
3rd Maine Battery from Washington 22 Corps
7th Maine Battery from 3 Div.
11th Massachusetts Battery from 2 Div.
14th Massachusetts Battery Captain Joseph W. B. Wright from 1 Div.
19th New York Independent Battery from 2 Div.
27th New York Independent Battery from 1 Div.
34th New York Independent Battery from 3 Div.
Pennsylvania Independent Battery D from 4 Div.