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Commanded by Brigadier General William H. French

First Brigade Colonel John Coons
Colonel Joseph Snider
14th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel William Harrow
24th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
28th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel E. A. L. Roberts
4th Ohio Infantry Regiment
8th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Sawyer
7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Lockwood
Second Brigade Brigadier General William Hays
14th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
12th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert C. Johnson
108th New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Charles J. Powers
130th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry I. Zinn
132nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Vincent M. Wilcox
Third Brigade Colonel Charles Albright (to 3/16)
Colonel John E. Bendix
1st Delaware Infantry Regiment Major Thomas A. Smyth
4th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel John D. MacGregor
10th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel John E. Bendix (^ 3/16)
Artillery and Cavalry
1st New York Artillery, Battery G Captain J.D. Frank
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery G Captain C. D. Owen