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Commanded by Brigadier General Charles Griffin

First Brigade Brigadier General Joshua L. Chamberlain
185th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Gustavus Sniper
198th Pensylvania Infantry Battalion Colonel Horatio G. Sickel (w 3/29)
Major Edwin A. Glenn
Second Brigade Colonel E. M. Gregory 
187th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Meyers
188th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Collonel Isaac Doolittle
189th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Townsend
Third Brigade Colonel Alfred L. Pierson (to 3/7)
Brigadier General J. J. Bartlett
1st Maine Sharpshooters Battalion Captain George R. Abbott
20th Maine Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Walter G. Morrill
32nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James A. Cunningham
1st Michigan Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George Lockley
16th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Benjamin Partidge
83rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major William H. Lamont
91st Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Chauncey P. Rogers to 3 Div. 3 Brig.
118th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Henry O’Neill
155th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Alfred L. Pearson