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Commanded by:
Brigadier General Charles Devens 
(until 5/2)
Brigadier General Nathaniel C. McLean (to 5/24)
Brigadier General Francis C. Barlow

First Brigade Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa (to 5/25)
Colonel Gotthilf Bourry
41st New York Infantry Regiment Major Detleo Von Einsiedel
45th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel George Von Amsberg  to 3 Div., 1 Brig.
54th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles Ashby
Major Stephen Kovacs
153rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Glanz (c 5/2)
Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Dachrodt
Second Brigade Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean (to 5/2)
Colonel John C. Lee 
(res. 5/8)
Brigadier General Adelbert Ames

17th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Noble (w 5/2)
Major Allen G. Brady
25th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel William P. Richardson (w 5/2)
Major Jeremiah Williams
55th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel John C. Lee (^ 5/2)
Lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Gambee
 to 2 Div., 2 Brig.
75th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert Reily (mw 5/2)Captain Benjamin Morgan (to 5/22)
Colonel Andrew L. Harris
107th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Seraphim Meyer (w&c)
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Mueller
13th New York Independent Battery Captain Julius Dieckman  to 11th Corps Artillery Brig.