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Commanded by:
Brigadier General T. G. Stevenson (k 5/10)
Colonel Daniel Leasure (to 5/12)
Major General Thomas L. Crittenden

First Brigade Colonel Sumner Carruth (to 5/6)
Colonel Jacob P. Gould (dis. 5/8)
Lieutenant Colonel S. M. Weld (to 5/8)
Brigadier General J. H. Ledlie
35th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Major Nathaniel Wales to Engineers (below)
56th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles E. Griswold (k 5/6)
Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Weld
57th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel William F. Bartlett (w)
59th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Jacob P. Gould (^ 5/6) from Washington
4th United States Infantry Regiment Captain Charles H. Brightly (mw)
10th United States Infantry Regiment Major Samuel B. Hayman (w)
Second Brigade Colonel Daniel Leasure (to 5/10)
Lieutenant Colonel G. P. Robinson (to 5/12)
Colonel Daniel Leasure (dis. 5/14)
Colonel J. M. Sudsburg
3rd Maryland infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph M. Sudsburg (^ 5/14)
21st Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George P. Hawkes
100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Matthew M. Dawson
Provisional (Third) Brigade Colonel E. G. Marshall
2nd New York Mounted Rifles
24th New York Cavalry (dismounted)
14th New York Heavy Artillery
2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery (prov.)
35th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Major Nathaniel Wales
2nd Maine Battery Captain Albert F. Thomas
14th Massachusetts Battery Captain Joseph W. B. Wright