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Commanded by Brigadier General Orlando B. Wilcox

First Brigade Colonel John F. Hartranft
2nd Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel William Humphrey
8th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Frank Graves
17th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Constant Luce to Engineers (below)
27th Michigan Infantry Regiment Major Samuel Moody
51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Benjamin F. Tracy
109th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Schall
Second Brigade Colonel B. C. Christ (to 5/12)
Colonel William Humphreys (to 5/20)
Colonel B. C. Christ
1st Michigan Sharpshooters Regiment Colonel Charles V. De Land
20th Michigan Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Byron M. Cutcheon
79th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel David Morrison
60th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James N. McElroy
50th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Edward Overton, Jr.
7th Maine Battery Captain Adelbert B. Twitchell
34th New York Independent Battery Captain Jacob Roemer
17th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Constant Luce from 1 Brig. (above)