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< to April • May 1865

Commanded by:
Brigadier General George Custer (to 5/22)
Colonel William Wells

The Third Division was dissolved at the end of May.

First Brigade  Colonel A. C. M. Pennington 
1st Connecticut Cavalry Regiment Colonel Brayton Ives to Cav. Div. Dept. Washington
3rd New Jersey Cavalry Regiment Major Abram H. Krom m.o. 8/1
2nd New York Cavalry Regiment m.o. 6/5
5th New York Cavalry (detachment) Captain Walter C. Hull m.o. 7/19
2nd Ohio Cavalry Regiment Major Bayard Nettleton to St. Louis, Mo. 5/27
Second Brigade  Colonel William Wells (^ 5/22)
8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment Major John L. Beverage to St. Louis, Mo. 5/27
3rd Indiana Cavalry, Cos. A-F Lieutenant Benjamin F. Gilbert to Louisville, Ky.
8th New York Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William H. Benjamin m.o. 6/27
1st Vermont Cavalry Regiment to Champlain, NY.
Third Brigade  Colonel Henry Capehart
1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry Lieutenant Colonel Jenyns B. Batterysby m.o. 6/27
1st West Virginia Cavalry Regiment m.o. 7/8
2nd West Virginia Cavalry (7 cos.) Lieutenant Colonel James Allen m.o. 6/30
3rd West Virginia Cavalry Regiment Major John S. Witcher m.o. 6/23