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Headquarters escort
Oneida (New York) Cavalry Company Captain James E. Jenkins
Provost Guard Brigadier General Marsena L. Patrick
1st Massachusetts Cavalry
2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel William W. Sanders
3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James W. Walsh consolidated with 5 Pen. Cav. 5/8
3rd United States Infantry Regiment to Washington, 22 Corps
4th United States Infantry Regiment to Dept. VA
10th United States Infantry Regiment
11th United States Infantry Regiment to Dept. VA
14th United States Infantry Regiment
Engineer Brigade Brigadier General Daniel Woodbury
15th New York Engineer Regiment Colonel Wesley Brainard
50th New York Engineer Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William H. Pettes
Regular Engineer Battalion Brevet Major Franklin Harwood
Siege Artillery Brevet Brigadier General Henry L. Abbot
1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery Major George Ager to Dept. VA
3rd Connecticut Independent Battery Captain Thomas S. Gilbert to Dept. VA
Artillery Reserve
3rd Maine Battery
4th Maine Battery
6th Maine Battery
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery C
12th New York Independent Battery
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery H Captain Stephen W. Dorsey
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery F Lieutenant John Campbell
5th United States Artillery, Batteries C&I