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Commanded by Major General David Birney

First Brigade Colonel Charles H. T. Collis
57th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter Sides
63rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John A. Danks
68th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Andrew H. Tippin
105th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Calvin A. Craig
114th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Edward R. Bowen
141st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry J. Madill
Second Brigade Brigadier General J. H. H. Ward
20th Indiana Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel C. L. Taylor
3rd Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel Moses B. Lakeman
4th Maine Infantry Regiment Captain Edwin Libby
124th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Francis M. Cummings
99th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Asher S. Leidy
2nd United States Sharpshooters Major Homer R. Stoughton
Third Brigade Colonel Regis De Trobriand (to 11/27)
Colonel Thomas W. Egan
17th Maine Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Merrill
3rd Michigan Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Edwin S. Pierce
5th Michigan Infantry Regiment
40th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas W. Egan (^ 11/27)
110th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major Isaac Rogers
1st United States Sharpshooters Colonel Hiram Berdan