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Commanded by Major General John G. Parke

Provost Guard
79th New York Infantry Major Andrew D. Baird from 1 Brig. 1 Div.
First Division Brigadier General Orlando Wilcox
First Brigade Colonel S. Harriman (to 10/24)
Colonel J. L. Curtin (to 10/25)
Brigadier General John Hartranft
Second Brigade Brigadier General J. F. Hartranft (to 10/9)
Lieutenant Colonel W. C. Newberry (to 10/16)
Colonel B. M. Cutcheon
Third Brigade Colonel N. B. McLaughlin
Second Division Brigadier General R. B. Potter
First Brigade Colonel J. I. Curtin
Second Brigade Colonel S. G. Griffin
Third Division Brigadier General Edward Ferrero (to 10/9)
Brigadier General John Hartranft (to 10/25)
Brigadier General Edward Ferrero
First Brigade Colonel O. P. Stearns
Colonel Delavan Bates
Second Brigade Colonel C. S. Russell
Colonel H. G. Thomas
Artillery Brevet Brigadier General John C. Tidball 
7th Maine Battery
11th Massachusetts Battery
19th New York Independent Battery
27th New York Independent Battery
34th New York Independent Battery
Pennsylvania Independent Battery D