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Commanded by
Brigadier General John Sedgwick (wounded 9/17)
Brigadier General O. O. Howard

First Brigade Brig. Gen. W. Gorman
15th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Devens
1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment Colonel Alfred Sully
34th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel James Suiter
2nd New York State Militia Colonel Henry W. Hudson
Second Brigade Brig. Gen. Oliver O. Howard (^ 9/17)
Colonel Joshua T. Owen (9/17)
Colonel DeWitt C. Baxter
69th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Joshua T. Owen (^ 9/17)
71st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Isaac J. Wistar (w 9/17)
Captain Richard P. Smith (w 9/17)
Captain Enoch E. Lewis (after 9/17)
72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel DeWitt C. Baxter  (9/17)
106th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Turner G. Morehead
Third Brigade Colonel William L. Tidball (to 9/7)
Brig. Gen. N. J. T. Dana (9/7 – w 9/17)
Colonel Norman Hall (after 9/17)
19th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Hinks (w 9/17)
Lt. Colonel Arthur F. Devereux
20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel William R. Lee
7th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Norman J. Hall (^ 9/17)
Captain Charles J. Hunt
42nd New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel George Bornford
59th New York Infantry Regiment
Artillery and Cavalry
Battery A, 1st Rhode Island Artillery Captain John A. Tompkins
Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Artillery Captain John G. Hazard
Battery I, 1st United States Artillery Lieutenant George A. Woodruff