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September 1862 • to October >

Commanded by Brigadier General William H. French

The 3rd Division was created September 10 from Kimball’s Independent Brigade, Weber’s Brigade from the Department of Virginia, and troops from the Washington defenses.

First Brigade Brig. Gen. Nathan Kimball
14th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel William Harrow
4th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel John Mason
8th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Franklin Sawyer
132nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Richard Oakford (k 9/17)
Colonel Vincent M. Wilcox
from Washington, Whipple’s Command
7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph Snider
Second Brigade Colonel Dwight Morris
14th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Sanford H. Perkins from Connecticut 8/25
108th New York Infantry Regiment from Whipple’s Command, Washington
130th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment from Defences Washington 9/7
Third Brigade Brigadier General Max Weber (until 9/17)
Colonel J. W. Andrews
1st Delaware Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Hinks from 7 Corps, Suffolk, Va.
5th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel William R. Lee from 7 Corps, Suffolk, Va.
4th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel John D. MacGregor from 7 Corps, Suffolk, Va.
10th New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel George Bornford from 5 Corps, 2 Div. 3 Bde.
Artillery and Cavalry
1st New York Artillery, Battery G Captain J.D. Frank  from 2 Corps Artillery
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery G Captain C. D. Owen  from 2 Corps Artillery