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Commanded by:
Major General Jesse L. Reno (k 9/2)
Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis

First Brigade Colonel James Nagle (to BG 9/10)
2nd Maryland infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel J. Eugene Duryea
6th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Simon G. Griffin
9th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Enoch Q. Fellows from New Hampshire
48th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Sigfried (to Col. 9/20)
Second Brigade Colonel Edward Ferrero (to BG 9/19)
21st Massachusettes Infantry Regiment Colonel William S. Clark
35th Massachusettes Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward A. Wild from Massachusetts
11th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Walter Harriman from New Hampshire
51st New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Robert B. Potter (to Col. 9/10)
51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John. F. Hartranft
Pennsylvania Independent Battery D Captain George W. Durell
4th United States Artillery, Battery E From 3 Corps, Army VA