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Commanded by Brigadier General Adolph Von Steinwehr

Transferred to the Army of the Potomac as elements of the Eleventh Corps, September 26, 1862

First Brigade Colonel John A. Koltes
29th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Clemens Soest to 11 Corps 2 Div. 1 Brig.
68th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert G. Betge
Colonel Gotthilf Boury DeIvernois
to 11 Corps 3 Div. 2 Brig. 
73rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Moore to 11 Corps 2 Div. 1 Brig.
Cavalry and Artillery
6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment Colonel William R. Lloyd to 11 Corps Cavalry
3rd West Virginia Cavalry
1st New York Artillery, Battery I to 3 Div. Artillery
13th New York Independent Battery to 11 Corps 1 Div.
West Virginia Artillery, Battery C to 3 Div. Artillery