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Commanded by Major General Nathaniel P. Banks

Transferred to the Army of the Potomac and became its 12th Corps, September 12, 1862

First Division Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams (to 9/4)
Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford
First Brigade Brigadier General Samuel Crawford (to 9/4)
Colonel J. F. Knipe
Third Brigade Brigadier General George Gordon
Second Division Brigadier General George S. Greene 
First Brigade Colonel Charles Candy
Second Brigade Colonel T. P. Van Buren
Third Brigade Colonel J. A. Tate
Cavalry Command Brigadier General John Buford
1st Michigan Cavalry Regiment
5th New York Cavalry Regiment
2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Richard B. Price
1st Vermont Cavary Regiment
1st West Virginia Cavalry (8 Cos.)