The United States Army

< August • September 1863 • to October >

Eighteenth Corps

Commanded by Major General John G. Foster

Getty’s Division

Brigadier General George W. Getty
Second Brigade Brigadier General Edward Harland
8th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel John E. Ward
11th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Griffin A. Stedman
15th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Dexter R. Wright
16th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis Beach
Third Brigade Colonel William H.P. Steere
21st Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Arthur H. Dutton
10th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Michael T. Donohoe
13th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Aaron F. Stevens
4th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Colonel William H.P. Steere
1st Pennsylvania Artilery, Battery A Captain John G. Simpson
1st New York Mounted Rifles
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry

District of Virginia (to 9/23)
Norfolk & Portsmouth (after 9/23)

Brigadier General H.M. Naglee (to 9/23)
Brigadier General E.E. Potter (after 9/23)
148th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William Johnson
11th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
7th New York Independent Battery Captain Peter C. Regan

U.S Forces Yorktown

Brigadier General Isaac J. Wistar
9th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward H. Ripley
99th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel David W. Wardop
118th New York Infantry Regiment
139th New York Infantry Regiment
19th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
8th New York Independent Battery
16th New York Independent Battery
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery E
2nd Wisconsin Battery
4th Wisconsin Battery

District of North Carolina

Major General John J. Peck
Subdistrict of the Albemarle Brigadier General H.W. Wessels
85th New York Infantry Regiment
92nd New York Infantry Regiment
96th New York Infantry Regiment
101st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
103rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
24th New York Independent Battery
12th New York Cavalry (detachment) from Dept. N.C., New Berne
Subdistrict of Beaufort Brigadier General C.A. Heckman
2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Cos. A-D from MA
9th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
81st New York Infantry Regiment
98th New York Infantry Regiment
12th New York Cavalry, Company D
1st United States Artillery, Battery C
Defences of New Berne Brigadier General I.N. Palmer
17th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
23rd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
25th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
27th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
132nd New York Infantry Regiment
158th New York Infantry Regiment
3rd New York Cavalry Regiment
12th New York Cavalry Regiment
23rd New York Cavalry Regiment
3rd New York Heavy Artillery (9 cos.)
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery F
5th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery
Subdistrict of the Pimlico Lieutenant Colonel O. Molton (to 9/8)
Colonel J. Pickett
25th Massachusetts Infantry (5 cos.)
1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
58th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
23rd New York Independent Battery
5th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery, Co. G