United States Regiments & Batteries

Maryland was a slave state that sent men to both the Union and Confederate armies. For the Union it provided 42,713 men in 4 regiments, 1 battalion and 1 independent company of cavalry; 6 batteries of light artilery; and 20 regiments and 2 independent companies of infantry. *

Home Guard Infantry

Maryland Potomac Home Brigade, 1st Regiment2nd Regiment3rd Regiment4th Regiment

Eastern Shore Maryland Infantry, 1st Regiment • 2nd Regiment 


1st Maryland • 2nd Maryland • 3rd Maryland • 4th Maryland • 5th Maryland  • 6th Maryland

7th Maryland • 8th Maryland • 9th Maryland • 10th Maryland • 11th Maryland • 12th Maryland

13th Maryland • Purnell Legion • Baltimore (Dix) Light Guard • Patapsco Guard


1st Maryland Cavalry • 2nd Maryland Cavalry • 3rd Maryland Cavalry • Purnell Legion Cavalry

Smith’s Independent Company Maryland Cavalry • 1st Maryland Potomac Home Brigade Cavalry


1st Maryland Light Artillery, Battery A • Battery B • Battery D

Junior Light ArtilleryBattery A • Battery B

Baltimore Maryland Independent Battery Light Artillery